Glass doesn’t like to travel.

So Gauzy utilizes the world international glass industry through local partners around the globe and brings a turnkey program for glass processors and installers, supplying this traditional industry and their partners a seamless process of cutting, laminating, testing and installing through series of trainings and certifications on our products portfolios.

A walk in the park

A simple workflow for glass processors

Gauzy offers glass processors a simple workflow for the production of gauzy glass. We support the process from end to end; provide training, certification and automatic tools, as well as testing environment and special handling equipment tools to allow glass processors an easy seamless production and installation flow.

Our state-of-the-art technology provides a new source of revenue for glass processors and the ability to innovate with new and exciting projects in diverse markets.

Your complete solution

  1. Gauzy glass production (lamination and handling) on site training and certification.
  2. Gauzy products installation on site training and certification.
  3. Gauzy modeled sales kits.
  4. Factory innovative automatic testing stations for LC films before and after lamination in glass.
  5. Proprietary handling Gauzy tools for liquid crystal technology implementation.
  6. Day to day support services.
  7. Coming soon – Gauzy unique metal fittings to ensure a ‘plug and play’ installation for windows/doors which need to be electrified.

Gauzy certified partners around the world

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