Gauzy in the media

June 2014

Gauzy technologies review on the esteemed BBC technical broadcast - Click.

Gauzy makes the next generation of smart glass. Unlike the stuff that just flicks between opaque and transparent when you pass an electric current through, this glass can fade between the two……See more!

May 2014

Gauzy technologies review on, the leading business magazine in Brazil

Gauzy, an Israeli start up company is bringing new technologies which controls to molecular organization of PDLC, allowing different levels of light to pass through glass.……See more!

April 2014

Gauzy technologies reviewd as one of the top 10 futuristis technologies made in Israel

The Israeli company Gauzy has an incredible patent-pending technology that will change the meaning of transparency. The Liquid Crystal Controllers, similar to what you would find in a LCD TV.……See more!

January 2014

Eyal Peso , CEO of Gauzy, interviews on I24 news channel.

"Meet Gauzy - an Israeli startup offering a new window to the world, and on its way to revolutionize the way we think of ordinary glass.........See more!

September 2013

New morphing glass can be dimmed, frosted or see-through.

Israeli company is revolutionizing the glass industry with smart glass that can become opaque or transparent at the touch of a button........See more!

August 2013

Smart glass corporation Gauzy raises $4m

Gauzy's liquid crystal glass laminates create smart glass that is installed in home appliances, buildings, and vehicles..........See more!

August 2013

Behind the technology - what can be done using smart glass.

After smart phones, smart TV’s and smart watches, it’s time for smart glasses, and Gauzy, a Tel-Aviv based start up is aiming to lead the revolution.......See more!

August 2013

Israeli startup shatters the way we look at - and through - glass.

Controlling the transparency of windows with a touch is no longer science fiction: Meet smart glass and Gauzy, the startup behind it........See more!

July 2013

Historical space ship: The “Migdal Haroe” visitor center at Shiloh

The ancient capital of Israel receives a new, unique visitor center with a view to amazing landscape rich with historical findings......See more!

May 2013

No shades, no curtains - an Israeli development which changed the way we look at glass.

Technologies based on Liquid crystal formulas were existing for a while, but now Guazy has developed the technologies and enable many new innovative applications for various fields......See more!

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