The Technology

Today, our unique technology is implemented in numerous projects around the world and it has the potential to change many industries while improving everyday life. By modifying the way we interact with glass, Gauzy brings innovation and enriches the environments with groundbreaking architectural innovations, green energy applications, interior design lighting solutions and many more.


Gauzy’s LC controller provides a WW patent pending waveform allowing not only maximum transparency on full operation and minimum haze, but also control over a range of smooth gradual dimmed transparencies. When an electrical supply is provided, our waveform rearranges the LC molecules in a way which allows the user’s selected amount of light to pass through.


When the electrical supply is switched off, the LC molecules align sporadically and scatter the light, causing the glass surface to appear opaque. With Gauzy’s LC controller, you can gradually control the amount of light you want to scatter or let pass, giving you maximum flexibility over theglass aperture.

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