Partner Certification Program

We care about our products, and your business. Gauzy offers a unique on-site certification program for glass fabricators, processors,and installers

This comprehensive 5 day training and
certification program includes:

  • An introduction to LC Technology and handing PDLC films
  • Instructions on testing procedures and operation of the ATE
  • Lamination and installation trials
  • Connecting LCG® to FLEX and  MultiPlex Controllers
  • Receive a framed certificate to show current and future clients

Onsite Training

Onsite training guarentees successful installation and connection of LCG®

This abbreviated 2-day training program is a package available upon purchase of Gauzy LC films, and includes:

  • An introduction to Liquid Crystal Techonology
  • Hands on training using our Installation Kit
  • Installation trials
  • Connecting LCG ® to Flex and MultiPlex Controllers

Sales & Marketing Workshops

Gauzy is here to support our partners and customers every step of the way, and will provide you with materials and infromation to best promote your new product offering

  • Webinars and on-site seminars for sales professionals targeted for your specific market and audience
  • Printed and digital materials explaining Gauzy technology and applications
  • Regular updates and access to information regarding emerging products

Professional Services

Interested in other types of certifications and custom solutions?

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